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70% Enrolled In MA And MNCare Single Payer. People Reject Private For Profit Ripoff Insurance. No Testing or QA, MN.IT Services FAIL
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MNSure Bait and Switch Month Long Backlog
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Minneapolis Star Tribune Health beat: Data guy questions MNsure system

Data is from a MNsure press release Feb 21, 2014Citizens Reject Private Ripoff Insurance

    31,088 Minnesotans selected private health plans
21,574 Minnesotans enrolled in MinnesotaCare
48,682 Minnesotans enrolled in Medical Assistance (MA)
101,344 total enrollments

MA+MNCare=Single Payer or (48,682+21,574)/101,344 = 69%
It is obvious that people reject the crooked private insurance that can extract a profit of 20% from citizens. This rate is up from 66% Single Payer on Feb 12, more and more people choose the single payer alternatives.

1/5 Finished Applications Stuck, 2/5 Accounts Never Get Health Care From MNsure

From Feb 12 document: page 3 labeled "Applications and Enrollment through MNsure":

"161,589 accounts created"
"118,2668 applications submitted", A Typo on the web page, my guess is 118,268.
"92,498 enrollments"

From this information we have the following conclusions:

118,268 - 92498 = 25,770 completed applications have not yet been enrolled or 25,770 / 118,268 = 21.7% or over 1/5 cannot enroll after completing an application. That is a massive failure rate to enroll completed applications, no reasons given.

161,589 - 92,498 = 69,091 accounts have not yet enrolled 42.7% or over 2/5 have not made it through the process.

Something is seriously wrong with MNsure when 2/5 fail to get health care. $150 million in resources were thrown away on non-working software and expensive IT contractors at $350/hr for non-working processes. For $20 million 200 case workers could have manually enrolled the people for a savings of $100+ million including a simple site to let people submit application forms online. This is unbelievable that after 3 years the leadership of MNsure is allowed to continue to work for the state and do this to citizens. April Todd-Malmlov the Director who resigned in disgrace did not work alone. Plenty of other idiots helped destroy this program and should pay with their careers.

Simple Single Payer Must Be the Solution

I would rather have a simple single payer health care system, no eligibility rules, no 20% profit insurance sold by crooks, everyone pay just like Medicare like the rest of the civilized world.