Minneapolis MPLS School Board Election Candy Soda Pop Machines at Pratt Elementary School

Update 2008: Pratt School has no pop or candy machines in the cafeteria any more. I do not think I had any effect at all. The control of the school grounds passed from community education to the elementary school side of the school district management and the elementary management did things the way they do. There are still plenty of crap candy, juice and soda machines in other levels of the schools and the breakfast program of sugar crap and manufactured garbage is just as bad. Chocolate milk in the schools? Just give them hard street drugs and pharmaceuticals, the lifetime survival rate is probably better than diabetes.

2006: What school district has candy and pop machines in its elementary school cafeterias? MINNEAPOLIS SCHOOL DISTRICT 1, in Pratt Elementary School. Why? For the money of course.

Tom Madden was a good candidate, answered my email, followed up on the issue, and talks like a real person. Doug Mann answered my questions, he seems to be responsive.

Pam Costain and Theartrice (T.) Williams never answered in any way about this issue, I do not recommend these two people for any office, much less School Board.

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Health Professionals Say Juice, Candy, Soda Pop Bad

Many studies show that candy, soda pop and juice drinks in schools create obese diabetic people. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a ban on soda pop in schools. The Minnesota Medical Association announced in August 2006 that they want WIC (Women Infant Child) food programs to drop juice and instead include fresh fruits and vegetables. The American Dental Association has taken a stand against vending machine contracts in schools. Even the American Beverage Group recommends against soda pop in schools. But MONEY RULES OVER HEALTH IN MINNEAPOLIS PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

Minneapolis Public School Policy 3261: Candy, Soda Pop Bad

Minneapolis Public Schools Policy 3261 states: "Middle and Elementary school sites are authorized to have vending machines that provide an assortment of beverages for students including mild, flavored mild, fruit juices, vegetable juices and bottled water but shall not provide soda pop." Candy or other food is not authorized in the policy. Yet Pratt School sells candy and soda pop in the cafeteria in violation of the aims of the Minneapolis School Board Policy 3261. Clearly the policy is to control candy and soda access to very young students. BUT OVERIDING THE POLICY IS MONEY GRUBBING BEHAVIOR THAT DOES NOT CONSIDER HARM TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN.

Federal Department of Agriculture Lunch Program says Candy, Soda Pop Bad

http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/Governance/regulations/210_2006.pdf Note especially sections 210.11, 210.12: From 210.11: "...RULES OR REGULATIONS SHALL PROHIBIT THE SALE of foods of minimal nutritional value, as listed in appendix B of this part, in the food service areas during the lunch periods." and "...ALL INCOME FROM THE SALE OF SUCH FOODS ACCRUES TO THE BENEFIT OF THE NONPROFIT SCHOOL FOOD SERVICE OR THE SCHOOL or student organizations approved by the school." Also in 210.12: "School food authorities are encouraged to use the school food service program to TEACH STUDENTS ABOUT GOOD NUTRITION PRACTICES and to involve the school faculty and the general community in activities to enhance the Program."

Follow The Money, It Did Not Go To The School Program

What happened to the money from our kids buying soda and candy? Did it go to the elementary school, food service or a school organization? No it appears it went to the community education program. THEY TAKE MONEY FROM OUR CHILDREN AND HARM THEIR HEALTH to support other programs. According to the feds the past candy/pop money must go to the Pratt elementary school or food service, not the community education education program as I believe is occurring. The funds in question are estimated between $30,000 and $70,000 over 6 years and there must be an accounting of the money by MN Department of Education rules: 3545.0900 FUND ACCOUNTING: "Subp. 8. Special fund uses and transfer limitations. All funds other than the general fund are special purpose funds in which expenditures may only be made for the special purposes of the fund. Transfers of money from special purpose funds to other funds are not permitted unless authorized by law."


The cynicism of the school board is astounding, in a 2005 letter from Joe Erickson, President of the Minneapolis School Board I get this response: "Dear Mr. Hauser: While I don't recall the specifics of the policy regarding such machines, I would point out that you're directing your demand to the wrong folks." He then wishes me luck. Luck to him, too. The the same type of "luck" he is giving the elementary children, a stacked deck for obesity and diabetes. The response of my public representative who is responsible for the schools to tell me I am asking the "wrong folks", the school board, to enforce policy is unbelievable, the school board approves all vending machine contracts, they have the responsibility. After the school administration ignores me and I petition the public representative I get the "Good luck" response. Good luck? Joseph Erickson's powerless wimp act is phony.

Positions of current candidates for school board:

I have sent letters to school board candidates, replies to be published.