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WEB TV has the worst interface on the Web

Web TV will set back the Microsoft monopoly quicker than the US Department of Justice lawsuit. My god, what a horrible interface.

The price is right, and it is sold as a perfect product for your grandma to introduce her to the internet. "Here gramma sit in front of the TV, you will be surfin' porn in no time!" But I couldn't figure out how to navigate. I kept looking at the screen, wondering where am I, how do I get out of here, where can I start over? I actually had to ask the gold chain wearing sales guy at a Circuit City how to get to the home screen. I guess I was too stupid to look at the keyboard and find the buttons that said 'home', 'back', etc. Well I am probably like nine out of ten people who will be too stupid to figure out the interface. Most people look at the TV, not at some keyboard. I was raised looking at the healing blue glow. WEB TV turned it to a blue glare of torture.

Grandma is going to have a tough time. The navigation tool is a faintly hi-lighted rectangle that was a pain to manipulate. That itself is different than actual HTML links, and different from the keyboard navigation keys. I cannot in good conscience let my family or friends suffer the same interface fate without at least a warning. Although Jakob Nielsen thinks Web TV is wunderbar I say he is wrong. You have been warned: WEB TV has a HORRIBLE look and feel! It sucks.