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The Japan Earthquake-Tsunami of March 11, 2011

Why was the loss of life and destruction so large with the earthquake of March 11, 2011? Why did the tsunami kill so many people in Fukushima Prefecture?

The very great 9.0 earthquake certainly killed hundreds or thousands of people and there was destruction of infrastructure, for example, burning oil refineries, etc. But earthquake building codes are well enforced in Japan and are designed for large earthquakes and so the earthquake did not kill very many thousands of people for the size of the quake.

In Haiti a 10s of magnitudes smaller 7.0 earthquake killed more than a quarter million people and the lack of earthquake building codes and enforcement was blamed for the deaths. And a very interesting propaganda meme was in the media: Somehow the cultural defects of the Haitian people were to blame for the mass of deaths from the earthquake.

What killed the most people by far in Japan was a tsunami, and everyone knows that. But were the deaths for a similar reason to the deaths in Haiti?

Why were the obvious tsunami flood plains ignored? In Japan there are stone markers centuries old showing where old tsunami reached on the land and the Japanese built right around them and down to the beach. What happened that centuries old "tsunami zoning" was ignored? Why do we not hear the same "blame the cultural defects of the people" that we heard about with Haiti? The noxious "cultural defects" propaganda in Haiti was just a smokescreen. The situation is the same in Japan and Haiti: obvious ignoring of safety of the population by the elites for wealth extraction.

My guess is that the economic land bubble of the 1980s pushed a lot of development into the flood plain. That was when criminal banks and land developers leveraged the Japanese society into destroying the economy with bad loans and stupid development projects.

This March 11, 2011 tsunami that killed 10s of thousands of people and destroyed 100s of billions of dollars of flood plain infrastructure, including nuclear power plants, is no different than the Haiti earthquake. It was unregulated infrastructure that fell apart. It is the elites of the society that ignored obvious problems for short term gain and by doing so killed 10s of thousands of people. And now the elites escape with the loot as the tsunami deaths are not described in the media as a crime. Instead the media claims the earthquake-tsunami was a freak act of nature that could never be predicted and probably won't ever happen again. What a great lie.

The centuries old tsunami stone markers are now mostly washed away. The media has programmed a myth for the people to forget that flood plains do flood. Japan's banksters and developers are now ready to "rebuild" in the same areas that just got flooded and make a bunch more money from the government funded reconstruction projects.