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Cop Police Paramilitary Databases Are Political and Again FUBAR

The Past is Doomed to Repeat Itself Without End

Keystone Kops with computers are hilarious if they were not so dangerous. As in the past, CriMNet Comes Acropper the Minnesota ( MN ) paramilitaries are setting up "databases" of suspects, this time for alleged gang bangers. Of course the major gang that was discovered was the police gang task force that set up a "gang" database. Again, the notorious Ramsey County Sheriff Robert Fletcher was involved. Sheriff Fletcher's "Gang Task Force" was found confiscating cars and money, thrashing on civilian rights, not passing audits, not filling out paperwork and playing fast and loose with data on the Minnesota civilians. Yet oddly enough Fletcher and his gang are not in the "gang database". An organized paramilitary gang doing political criminal activity and they are not listed in the database? So what use is this?

UPDATE August 14, 2011 GangNet Collapses. What comes next? Poor old Sheriff Fletcher, he broke the law once too often, got turned out of office and his scams and schemes are being shut down and his cronies are getting drummed out of law enforcement. About time.